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Introducing Organizations

Dealing with an organization in LayerVault hasn’t been as easy as it should be. It became difficult to see who was in your org and who was in which Project. It was unclear when and if you would hit your plan limits. Today we’re happy to announce a better way to handle your team: the Organization Manager. We are also dropping all project limits on all plans. As of today, all projects are free.

Organization Manager

We’ve spent the last few weeks refining our new Organization Manager and using it internally. It makes it easier to see who belongs to your organization and who is on which project. Adding someone to a project is as easy as a click and a drag.

As part of the transition, all users have been assigned an organization name. This name can be changed from your organization settings page. All users have been added to your organization, but they cannot see the projects they do not belong to. Billing information is now attached to your organization. If you have any questions at all, please email

Navigation Sidebar

It’s important to be able to navigate your LayerVault account quickly and easily. In the past, certain things have been opaque or hard to find. To address this, we are introducing our iOS-inspired Navigation Sidebar. It makes it easy to quickly jump into your account settings or Organization Manager.

No more project limits

As part of simplifying LayerVault, we wanted to also simplify billing. Rather than limit the number of projects users may have, we’ve decided to do away with it entirely. From today forward, all projects are free. You will only be charged according to the number of people in your organization.

That’s it for 2012. We’ll have plenty to show off in 2013.

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