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Introducing Outposts

Today we’re pleased to announce the next big feature for LayerVault: Outposts. Outposts are a great new way to send designs out to the services you already love to use. If you’re working with teammates or clients, you’re going to love being able to deliver work to them, wherever they are.

Delivering files with LayerVault is as simple as ever but now packs a serious punch. One click will deliver your work to Dropbox, Basecamp, GitHub, or any other of our five outposts. Deliver versions of a single file or send an entire batch of changes when they’re all ready. Now that’s powerful.

How it works

After Signposting a file within LayerVault, you now have the option to send that design to Email, Basecamp, Campfire, GitHub or Dropbox. Just make sure you configure your Outposts on the Settings page.

Do more with delivery

While developing the idea for Feedback & Delivery, it was clear that we’d eventually need to expand the concept of where designs get delivered to. In essence, the first Outpost was email. Now we have four more to choose from.

Best of all, LayerVault remembers where you sent previous Outposts. The next time you deliver a file to an Outpost, we deliver that file to the remembered location within each service. It’s a great little touch that gets out of the way and lets you get back to work.

Try it out

We’ve been using Outposts internally now for a few weeks and it’s really great. It helps us keep everyone in sync just a bit more on the design process of LayerVault itself. We push assets into GitHub when they are ready for production, or we’ll drop things in Campfire to keep the team up to date.

We hope you get the chance to check it out!

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