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Introducing Feedback & Delivery

Today we’re happy to announce something we’ve been working on for a few months: Feedback & Delivery.

We’ve been using LayerVault to build LayerVault for almost a year now and we’ve known from the start that we’d need a way to distribute and discuss design changes. It’s also been one of our most-requested features.

But rather than taking the email conversation and dumping it into a page, or simply bolting on a comment thread, we wanted to think through the process and solve the core problem.

With today’s release, designers can now publish a timeline of their work by Signposting and Delivering individual revisions. It’s a great way to share progress without allowing the client or team seeing half-baked designs.

Delivering work gives project members the opportunity to leave feedback. But that only solves half the problem — designers can then close the loop by marking feedback as addressed with each Signpost.

Now, designers can show their work and tell the story of how their work arrived at its current state. Along the way, all involved parties are kept up to date and their voices are heard, loud and clear.

Feedback & Delivery has changed the way we work inside of LayerVault. We like to think of it as the designer’s Pull Request. Let’s get into some detail.

There are three components to today’s release: Signposting, Feedback and Delivery.


A Signpost queues up a revision to be Delivered.

Whether it’s the finished product or something you want to revisit, Signposts are a new way of marking significant progress on a file inside of LayerVault. We found ourselves creating hundreds and thousands of revisions on our own designs and needed a way of whittling them down.

Creating a Signpost is as easy as clicking the button on the Timeline. Once you’ve entered Signpost Mode, enter a message describing your work and click Signpost.

Simple as that.


Teammates can leave Feedback on any Signpost. On the redesigned Public Page, teammates see all Signposts on a file, along with the entire discussion around the file.

Best of all, you can address your teammates’ feedback with future Signposts. The next time you enter Signpost Mode, you’ll have the option to address all of the feedback that has been left on your design. Gone are the days of feedback falling through the cracks. You’ll find yourself more organized without breaking a sweat. Your teammates will thank you for it.


Delivery ties everything together. There’s no reason that your designs should stay in LayerVault all the time. They might get lonely. Delivery allows you to update project members via simple email digests on your latest progress.

When creating Signposts, you can choose to either deliver them individually or send them out in a batch later. The Signposts are then sent in a nice digest email. Its simple presentation encourages a conversation around the design. All without leaving your current workflow.

Check it out

We’re really pleased with this release and we hope you are too. We have been using Feedback & Delivery internally now for a few weeks and it’s made LayerVault that much more useful.

We hope you can check it out.

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