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This week: iOS Closeup, Enhance, Kaleidoscopes, Settings, major app improvements, and more. Woah.

We released a slew of updates this week. Let’s get right into it.

iOS magic

The final product of any design in LayerVault can end up in a variety of places: in print, online or on an iOS device. Today, we’re making it even easier to design for iOS devices with a feature we call iOS Closeup.

iOS Closeup is a way to preview designs on an iPad or iPhone itself, all in real-time. Navigate to on any iOS device to get started.

Once the web app is installed on your home screen, simple select “iOS Closeup” from the Share Menu on any File Page from a computer. A unique and temporary PIN is generated for that design. Type that into the iOS app and away you go.

Here’s an added bonus: if you’re working on an iOS design, we will fit the design to be pixel-perfect within the window. No more emailing designs to yourself. No more plugins.


Enhance is one of those small touches we love adding. We wanted a way to quickly preview files without going to the File Page. To do so, we borrowed a page from Apple’s playbook. Hit the spacebar with any file selected on a Directory Page to enhance.

Kaleidoscopes and User Icons

User icons are useful when you’re working with a team. You’ll see them help identify actors in the Activity Feed and the Timeline. Until today, those user icons were powered by Gravatar and if you didn’t have a Gravatar, you saw the default icon. You now have two other options.

The first option is to upload your own photo. Simple.

The second option is a kaleidoscope. See it in action. Drag it around until you’re happy and we’ll use it as your user icon. You can even “shake” it if you want to switch up the source image. Fun.

Head into your settings page and you’ll see a big “Modify Appearance” button.


We’ve put work into our settings page. Aside from the visual change, we’ve added a few key things. You now have more information about your subscription plan, more billing information, and the ability to change your payment information.

Major app improvements

You may have noticed that we’ve started pushing frequent updates to the app. We encourage you to play around with the service and experience the improvements for yourself.

And more

We’ve made a bunch of other tiny improvements. Here are a few to call out:

  • Folders now have menus just like files.
  • Archived files and folders can now be restored.
  • There’s way more real-time updating on our project and directory pages (Kelly asked to include a sentence about “getting real” here, but that was shot down).
  • Page speed has been improved by one zillion fold.
  • Our office plant is experiencing 4% week-over-week growth.

And it’s only Thursday.

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