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Announcing LayerVault 2

Allan and I are happy to announce the release of LayerVault 2 today. This release represents several months of work. We focused on our core product even better along with new great features.

What you’ll see at now is something we’re proud of. We went through dozens of possible designs before landing on the one you’ll see now.

Let’s dig into what’s new.

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New Design

LayerVault 2 features an entirely new design. The high contrast design provides better readability. No pixel was left unquestioned. The new design takes advantage of every inch of screen real estate.

Our new design brings with it a brand new logo and identity. It’s beautiful. We commissioned SoftFacade to create our new logo and they delivered amazing results. We will be going into detail of the design process of the new logo in the coming weeks.

And yes, they used LayerVault while designing it.


Everything that happens on LayerVault happens in real-time. See files updating as your teammates work on them. No more page refreshes.

You can also now open your files without ever leaving web application. Just click “Open Locally” on the Directory page or “Edit” on any file page. With Real-time, designers spend less time shuffling applications and more time designing.


LayerVault 2 comes with a new Toolbox to make designers’ lives even easier. The Toolbox lives on each File page and can be used with any design. The Toolbox is being released with 3 Tools: the Eyedropper, the Smart Ruler, and Wormhole.

Simple tasks that once required opening up Photoshop can now be done in the browser. Each tool is written with the latest HTML5 technology. No Flash required. That means performance is snappy even on large designs.


The Eyedropper is a staple of any designer’s workflow. Being able to quickly measure colors is a must.

The LayerVault Eyedropper is optimized for the web. Each click pulls out a color. Select multiple colors at once to build a palette on the fly. Once you’re done, copy the values into a CSS file or another program.

Smart Ruler

The new Smart Ruler is the best way to quickly measure different parts of a design.

Once activated, the Smart Ruler will spring out to the edges of its current container. Measuring pixel widths and pixel heights of gutters, buttons and columns has never been easier. We use it all the time for slicing our own designs.


Last but certainly not least, LayerVault 2 brings with it the new Wormhole technology. Wormhole allows you to search through a design’s history, piece by piece. Just highlight an area of your design and Wormhole will tell you how many changes were made and where in the timeline they occured.

It really is a piece of magic. Even in a design with hundreds of versions, isolating a change from several months ago takes less than a second. It’s a great tool and it’s something you won’t see anywhere else.

Faster File Syncing

LayerVault 2 also brings with it better file syncing. Files will now travel shorter distances to the closest LayerVault datacenter. This can increase upload speeds by a factor of 10. It’s a small detail that we sweated.

That about wraps it up. We’ll be going into more depth with the decisions around this release in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can dive deep on our Tour page or take a look at our Pricing page.

And a very special thanks to Derek Smith for helping us out with a few things with this release.

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