LayerVault Simple version control for designers.

Multiple Email Addresses

Earlier today our team released multiple organization support which allows teams to silo projects. It also allows designers to have personal and professional organizations inside LayerVault.

We constantly see designers registering multiple accounts in order to have personal and professional work inside LayerVault. We’re taking another step towards solving that problem. With today’s release, LayerVault supports multiple email addresses per account. Designers can now use one account for all of their work.

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Announcing Multiple Organizations

We see LayerVault organizations being used for many things: company-wide collaboration, collaboration among teams, and personal work. Until today, creating a second organization for any of these purposes required signing up for a new account. With today’s release, it’s possible for users to quickly create as many organizations as they please.

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Resolve Feedback Threads

We announced threaded feedback only a few months ago, but teams have already pushed it to its limits. To better support growing feedback sidebars, we’ve updated the way designers resolve feedback.

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Announcing Font Support

LayerVault is now able to sync any of 30 font formats and, for some, even generate previews of their character sets. A full list of supported formats is available on our Features Page. If you have questions, reach out.

New York Designer News Meetup

We’ve recently had meetups in San Francisco, Mountain View, London, Paris, and Berlin. It’s time to bring it back home to New York.

Our next Designer News meetup is in Manhattan on Thursday, March 13th at Sweet & Viscious. Details on the Facebook event page.

New Security Permissions

We’ve just released an update to Organization Settings that provides more control over billing and account security.

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Keynote Support

Although it doesn’t bill itself as a design tool, Apple Keynote has a core following among interaction designers. Its flexibility, transitions, and vector quality make it an unsung tool. For example, FiftyThree—the creator of the app Paper—routinely uses Keynote to assemble new flows. Today, we’re announcing support for Keynote files within LayerVault.

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