LayerVault Simple version control for designers.

Projects Directory Redesign

You may have noticed some big changes to your Project directory in LayerVault today. As LayerVault has grown, so have you, your projects, and your organizations. In order to accommodate, we’ve overhauled the directory to be more legible, accessible, informative, and functional. Let’s have a look at what’s new.

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More Responsive Team Sync

We recently released an update to LayerVault’s sync app to address some of the feedback we’ve been hearing about sync speed.

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Sketch 3 Support

The brilliant team at Bohemian Coding released Sketch 3 today. If you’ve never used Sketch before, there is no better time to start. We got our hands on an early copy and made sure LayerVault supported Sketch 3 from day one.

We’re excited support Sketch 3 and can’t wait to see what the design community does with it!

Balsamiq Support

When it comes to rapid wireframing tools, Balsamiq is the world’s favorite. Since its inception, it’s been one of the easiest ways to build an interface. Today, we are rolling out support for Balsamiq (.bmml) files.

If you have any questions about Balsamiq support, please get in touch. If you’d like to try it out, sign up for LayerVault for free.

PSD.rb and PSD Native

Along with today’s release of Asset Handoff, we’re rolling out some major improvements to PSD.rb. We’re also offering the opportunity to license PSD Native for professional use.

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Introducing Asset Handoff

Today we released something called Asset Handoff that bridges the gap between design and development. We’re excited to show it to you.

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The Most Creative Files on the Planet

When LayerVault launched in 2011, we supported just a few basic file formats. Supporting creative file formats is tough and generating previews from those formats is tricky. If you plan on exposing things like layer comps or pages, creative files are especially difficult. Over the last 3 years, we made significant progress by adding new formats and improving support for existing formats.

Some of that progress has been made possible by psd.rb, our open source PSD parser. Much of the work has been done behind the scenes.

With our last big format releases—Photoshop layer comps, Sketch pages, Keynote, SVG rendering, and fonts—we reached a new milestone that we’re excited to share: LayerVault is now able to generate previews for more creative files than any service on the planet and with greater depth too.

There’s no better place on the planet to put creative files. But we’re not done yet. Our list of supported formats is about to grow even larger in the coming weeks.