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An Interview with Paul Colton, a Founder of Pixate

Pixate is a mobile interaction design service. It is being released from beta today. After a successful Kickstarter campaign of its first product and another year of development, it’s here. Paul Colton, the founder and CEO of Pixate, agreed to do an interview here on the LayerVault blog.

Paul talks with us about YCombinator, distilling complicated problems into simple interfaces, and some of the challenges designers face today.

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Brand New: Customer Testimonials

Today, we’re rolling out a new customer testimonials page.

To kick things off, we are featuring three of our customers. The first company we are featuring is Big Nerd Ranch, a design and development shop headquartered in Atlanta. You might know Big Nerd Ranch from their work with Facebook, AT&T, Honeywell, Spotify, Airbnb, or NASA. Or you might know them by their award-winning books on programming. Jeff Heaton, a UI and UX designer at Big Nerd Ranch, says, “My favorite thing about LayerVault is that I can set it and forget it. I know all of my stuff is saved and I can go back to get ideas. Working with my team is way less frustrating when we don’t have to play ‘who’s got the file?’”

The second testimonial is from Kooba, a design agency in Dublin. Kooba has worked with Heinz, Ogilvy, and RTÉ, and uses LayerVault to keep their team organized and save time. In the testimonial, their creative director, Ed Kelly, explains how LayerVault helped Kooba replace shared networks drives. “Using LayerVault saves Kooba 4 to 8 hours per week right now,” says Kelly.

The third company we are featuring is meltmedia. They are a Tempe-based design agency and have worked with Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Genentech, and more. Will Mejia, their Design Lead, says, “LayerVault filled a gap we didn’t know we had.”

Bookmark our testimonials page, as we’ll be adding to it in the future. If you’re using LayerVault within your own organization and would like to be featured in a testimonial, please send us an email.

An Interview with Nathan Manousos, a Founder of Flinto

We’re beginning an experiment where we interview the creators of design applications. One of them is Nathan Manousos, a co-founder of Flinto. Flinto is a service for prototyping iOS and Android designs. We’ve run into Nathan a few times over the past few years, and we thought he would be a great first interview.

Nathan talks with us about first starting off, his early fascination with Photoshop, and some of the lessons designers fail to learn.

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Now Hiring: A Sales Development Representative

LayerVault is looking to hire a Sales Development Representative. This is an entry-level SaaS sales position with a growing, market-defining company.

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A Transformative Month for Designers

Over the last two weeks, we put on Designer News meetups in 10 different cities in North America and Europe. I spoke with nearly every attendee, and came away impressed with the general optimism. Right now is an amazing time to be a designer. The month of October is going to make it even more exciting.

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Saying Goodbye to Our Founder, Allan Grinshtein

Today marks Allan Grinshtein’s last day at LayerVault. He will be moving on and we wish him the best of luck. Allan and I started writing the first lines of code that would make LayerVault over three years ago, and it’s been a great ride ever since.

Effectively immediately, I will be taking over the role of CEO within LayerVault. Losing a CEO is not an easy event, but we’re confident to say this process will not affect our customer experience whatsoever.

If you have any other questions, I’m always available at


Rewriting the File Page in Ember

Last week, we shipped a new version of the LayerVault File Page. It’s a 1-for-1 rewrite of the old File Page, but in a JavaScript framework called Ember. While the functionality remains almost identical to the old File Page, there are a few new features. You can now link deeply and consistently to different assets within a file, including individual pages. The speed and responsiveness also has received a huge boost as well. Although less measurable, the overall brittleness of the page is also reduced: many corner cases are correctly accounted for.

Obviously, the Big Rewrite is not something to be taken lightly. This post will go into the requirements for refactoring the File Page, and how we chose Ember to be the tool for the job. At the end of the process, our File page remains one of the most sophisticated pieces of front-end engineering within LayerVault and—I think—is one of the coolest things built with Ember to date. (You can see an example of the new File Page in action.)

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